Halloween Treats you Can Eat With Braces

For those with braces, Halloween can get a little complicated. It’s hard to say no to all that hard-earned candy you collected while trick-or-treating. You know the foods that are best to avoid: hard candy, sticky caramels, and gum, to name a few. But the good news is, even with braces, there’s plenty of Halloween treats that you can still enjoy. As such, we wanted to go over some of the Halloween treats you can eat with braces!

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Halloween Treats you Can Eat With Braces


  • Chocolate: This one is sure to come up while trick-or-treating. And it’s totally safe on your braces. Enjoy!
  • Soft mints: You might run into some soft mints, and those are safe to eat as well.
  • Pudding, Jell-O: Pudding and Jell-O are safe to eat and delicious in almost any circumstance!
  • Ice cream: If you’re sad about missing out on some of the trick-or-treating haul, prepare wisely and keep some ice cream at home that you can enjoy later.
  • Pie: Pie crust is typically soft enough to handle with braces.
  • Doughnuts: Whether you spring for classic glazed, cake doughnuts, or the ever-popular maple bar, you can’t go wrong with doughnuts.
  • Cookies: You might want to go for the softer variety, but cookies can be a great way to get your mind off the Halloween candy you’re missing out on.
  • Apple Cider: Hot cider is a staple of the fall, and it can be a really delicious treat on a cool Halloween night. Add some whipped cream on top for some extra deliciousness!



Remember Your Hygiene

While there’s plenty of treats for you to eat around Halloween, it’s important as always with braces to brush your teeth after you eat these treats. When sugar has enough time to settle, it can lead to cavities, tooth decay, and it invites bacteria to settle around the gums. So somewhere between your Halloween fun, make sure you find the time to brush your teeth!

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