Emergency Orthodontist From Provo to Payson, UT

What To Do In Case of a Dental Emergency

dental emergency at Trapnell OrthodonticsIf your orthodontic appliance has broken or become loose, call us as soon as possible. We prefer that you call one of our Utah County offices first, because it allows us to make time to see you and give you the attention you need from our emergency orthodontist.

If you already have a regular appointment scheduled, please inform us of your orthodontic emergency ahead of time so that we can be prepared to take care of your braces in the most effective and comfortable way.

You may not know whether your situation would be considered an emergency. The following situations are instances in which you will want to call us:

  • If a band or a bracket comes loose, or if you have broken wires on your braces, please contact us immediately.
  • If you have problems with your Invisalign trays or any other part of your Invisalign treatment, please contact us.
  • If there is a wire or some other part of your orthodontia that is causing pain please contact our office and we will be able to give you directions over the phone or schedule an appointment if necessary.
  • If your retainer gets broken or lost, you will need to call us right away so that we can schedule an appointment to replace your retainers.
  • If you run out of wax or rubber bands, you will also want to contact our office so that we can get you stocked up on these essential items. You can also obtain wax at many drugstores or department stores.
  • If you lose a separator during treatment, we are happy to provide a replacement separator, so please give us a call.

woman need dental emergency

Orthodontic Treatment Discomfort

During the first week after your braces are placed and after routine adjustments, you may experience soreness and discomfort. To alleviate this soreness and discomfort, we recommend acetaminophen or another non-aspirin pain reliever. You can also use a warm washcloth or heating pad to reduce jaw soreness.

If you are encountering any orthodontic issues, please Payson, Spanish Fork, Springville or Provo, UT dental offices as soon as possible. We will do our very best to assist you in your time of need. We have offices in Payson, Spanish Fork, Springville or Provo.