5 Festive Holiday Treats for People with Braces

Holiday treats play a big part in many of our favorite holiday memories. Unfortunately, not all holiday treats are safe for braces, but many delicious ones are. We know you’ll enjoy starting new traditions and making new memories with these 5 festive holiday treats for people with braces.

1. Pudding

Pudding is always super easy go-to for a braces-friendly treat. From chocolate pudding to tapioca pudding, there are also plenty of delicious flavor options to choose from.

2. Pie

When we’re talking about festive holiday treats for people with braces, you can’t go wrong with pie! There is apple pie, cherry pie, custard pie, pumpkin pie, sweet potato pie, banana, and chocolate cream pies — the possibilities are endless!

3. Hard Candies

You might be surprised to see hard candy on the list of festive holiday treats for people with braces since it’s typically recommended that people with braces avoid hard foods. Hard candies like candy canes and ginger lozenges can be safe for people with braces if you are careful to enjoy them by sucking on them to the very end and never chewing or biting into them.

4. Fudge

Tasty, homemade fudge is another great option for people with braces that comes in a variety of delicious flavors like chocolate, white chocolate, and peppermint. Just make sure it doesn’t include any nuts or other crunchy ingredients that could be risky for your braces if you bite into them.

5. Cake

Soft, moist cake is also an excellent choice for people with braces. Once again, just make sure the cake doesn’t contain any chewy or crunchy ingredients like nuts or caramel. From red velvet to pumpkin spice to apple crumble to peppermint cookie and more, there are endless flavor combos to choose from for a festive sweet treat!

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