Caring for Your Retainer

There’s nothing quite like getting your braces off. But it’s important to remember that your work isn’t finished there! Wearing your retainer after treatment is a crucial part of the process after treatment, while your teeth settle into their new alignment. That being said, we wanted to spend some time sharing some tips on how […]

Common Bite Issues

There is a variety of bite issues that can affect your oral health. Depending on the type of bite issue (occlusion) and its severity, these alignment issues can also affect one’s quality of life, creating obvious and embarrassing misalignment in the teeth, and making it difficult to chew food. The good news, however, is that […]

7 Braces Myth

Braces remain one of the oldest and most effective orthodontic treatments out there. And they remain one of your best options for orthodontic treatment. But it’s important to remember while you’re deciding which option is best for you or your child, that there are number of myths surrounding every orthodontic treatment. In the past we’ve […]

A Brief Timeline of Orthodontic Treatments

A Brief History ofOrthodontic Treatments, Trapnell Orthodontics

In the past, we’ve thoroughly covered the history of braces, which you can find here. Today, we wanted to look back on history once again and provide a timeline of some of the most significant advancements in orthodontic technology through the ages. While teeth are our thing, we enjoy a little history, too. At Trapnell […]

Tips to Avoiding Periodontal Disease With Braces

Avoiding Periodontal Disease

Maintaining proper dental hygiene is tricky with braces, no doubt. While it might take some extra work, it’s certainly possible to keep your oral health in good standing throughout your time with braces. When dental hygiene falls to the wayside, bacteria can take hold below the gum line and lead to early forms of periodontal […]

How Can You Protect Your Child’s Teeth During Sports?

With summer sports like baseball and soccer in full force, and football coming up in the next month, you might be worried about your little athlete’s teeth. You’ve seen those professional hockey players smiling with gaps in their teeth, and you’d hate to see your child experience the same. While on some level, sports are […]

Why Your Kid Should Get Braces This Summer

Seeking orthodontics for your kids isn’t a decision you’ll regret. But finding the right time to begin their treatment can be challenging in the middle of a busy school year. With the initial appointments, and the general discomfort that your kid might experience early on during treatment, there’s no better time to seek orthodontics than […]

Are Your Teeth Moving Despite Wearing Your Orthodontic Retainer?

So you got your braces are off, and you’re doing everything your orthodontist advised to maintain that precious new smile. That includes wearing your retainers every night, or whichever post-orthodontic regimen your orthodontist has recommended. But what happens when you’re following these steps and, despite your prudent care, your teeth begin shifting again? Trapnell Orthodontics […]

Gummy Smiles: Can They Be Fixed?

Gummy smiles, also known as gingival smiles, are a common complaint for many seeking a more cosmetic smile. People often find gummy smiles embarrassing, but few understand that there viable treatments options for this condition. While the appearance of gingival smiles can arise for a variety of reasons, there is usually some kind of treatment […]